What’s Inside Aaron’s Treasure Box?

Inside Let’s Go Green, Aaron shares some of his favorite items found on nature walks.

Here’s a closer look at the treasures seen on page 27 of the book:

  1. A dried out fruit from a Southern Magnolia Tree 
  2. Two Pine cones attached to the same stick
  3. Pine Cone
  4. Mermaids purse, which is the egg case for skates and some sharks
  5. Snake skin
  6. Bark from London Plane Tree
  7. Bark from a White Pine Tree
  8. A heart-shaped rock found in the Shawangunk Mountains in New York
  9. The Devil Pod, which is the seed pod of Trapa bicornis, an aquatic Asian plant. It is also known as Bat Nut, Goat Head, Bull Nut, and Buffalo Nut (found at a U.S. beach)
  10. Paper Comb from abandoned red paper wasp nest
  11. Sea Grape Leaf from Florida
  12. Paper Comb from abandoned bald faced hornet nest
  13. Snakeskin
  14. Acorn, the nut of the oak tree. It contains a seed inside.