Empower Kids to Make a Difference!

Every kid can play an important part in making our world cleaner and greener.

Come along with Aaron as he shows you how kids can Go Green.

Learn how, together, we WILL make a difference.

Go Team! Go Clean! Go Green!


Children will learn simple ways to save energy and resources when they join Aaron and his friends in going green. The informational sections and discussion questions make this bright, fun volume a must for classroom teachers.
— Pat Heaney, President of Alliance for NJ Environmental Education
“Let’s Go Green Together” invites a new generation of environmentally conscious youth to take on this globally important issue by bringing it into local focus, the home. A must-read for all families.
— Dr. Peter Bower, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science, Barnard College of Columbia University
My students absolutely loved this book! They easily related to Aaron and excitedly made connections between themselves and Aaron’s helpful tips and humor... Both parents and children will enjoy learning how to go green together.
— Pat Fensham, First Grade Teacher, Clark Mills School