About "Let's Go Green Together"

What’s in the book?

  • Practical, simple tips, written from a child’s point of view, so that it’s one kid talking to another
  • Ideas for how to connect with nature
  • More in-depth information about why going green matters for anyone who wants to learn more! This section of the book is great for parents, grandparents, teachers, and older elementary school students.
  • Discussion questions because it’s important to talk with kids about why going green matters!
  • The GreenKid award: fun to fill out, pretty enough to frame. Hang up the GreenKid award to remind you to do the most important thing of all—take action!

How This Book Inspires Real Action

In Let’s Go Green Together, young Aaron shares his love for nature and demonstrates actions that kids can take to preserve and protect Earth.  Whimsical photos and captions keep the information entertaining and engaging. Kids will enjoy seeing how Aaron and his friends Go Green every day and will feel empowered to make a difference and keep our world beautiful!

Why This Book Matters Right Now

The news about environmental pollution, habitat destruction and climate change may seem daunting to you. Maybe you’re not sure that one person can help. However, there are many simple ways anyone can modify their daily routine to preserve and protect our planet.  And collectively, we make an even more powerful difference!

It’s critical that we help our children connect with nature and teach them how to Go Green. When these lessons are learned young, consideration for the environment as one goes through their day becomes a lifelong habit.


"...I like how Aaron is so funny!"

-Madeline, Age 6

"I liked learning new green things because you could change the whole world!"

-Gianna, Age 7

"As Aaron narrates the story in a fun way, kids are learning how to save the environment and nature."

-Aditya, Age 11

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